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Choosing the Right Make Up for Your Tanned Skin

Choosing the Right Make Up for Your Tanned Skin

Choosing the Right Make Up for Your Tanned Skin


Tanned skin is highly sought after, and it's no shock as a good tan can add warmth and a natural glow that enhances your beauty and makes you look healthier than ever. Whether you have naturally tanned skin or your skin has been tanned in the sun or on a sunbed, knowing the right makeup to use is the key to enhancing the way you look. Find out which makeup you should consider for your tanned skin.


Picking Out the Perfect Foundation

One of the first steps of makeup is the foundation layer, as it hides blemishes and enhances your skin tone. You’ll need to pick a foundation that works with your tanned skin tone and then evenly blend it in to get the perfect base layer for your other makeup products.


Dab Your Concealer on to Problem Areas

Your next step is to select a concealer that will work with your skin tone so that it appears invisible once it has been applied. Use it sparingly and cover any specific pimples or other problem patches before blending it into your foundation layer. It's advisable to use a concealer that is at least one shade lighter than your foundation to stop it from standing out once it has been blended.


Enhance Your Look with Blush

Blusher is a staple part of your makeup routine, and picking the right colour to compliment your tan is important. Light pink, purple or blue-toned blushers can reduce your tan and leave you looking washed out, but bronzers or dark pinks can help to add deeper tones and more warmth. Apply to your cheekbone and blend for a highlighted look.


Pick Our the Best Eye Colours

When you have a golden tan, you should let it do the hard work for you, focusing on your natural beauty. However, this doesn't mean avoiding eye makeup altogether. Pick our bronze, gold or other metallic eye colours for a stunning finish or add in a smokey eye look for a dramatic look that is perfect for nights out.


Finish with Kissable Lips

Your final decision is choosing the best lipstick for your tan, and this is simple – just opt for something that adds warmth. Look through your lipstick collection and find warm pinks, reds and browns or pick out something that shimmers like a metallic finish. Then sit back and check out your finished look!


Get Your Perfect Tan with Peak Sunbeds

Peak Sunbeds is an expert home-hiring sunbed service with more than 30 years of experience in the tanning industry. If you live in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, or Nottinghamshire, then take a look at our services and find out how we can help you achieve your perfect tan – we can't wait to help!

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