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How Long Should I Use a Sunbed For?

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How Long Should I Use a Sunbed For?


Sunbeds have been popular for a long time and it is easy to see why. Going abroad and getting tanned makes people feel good about the way they look. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for the tan to fade, so you might want to look for sunbed hire in Sheffield. Having a sunbed at home offers a solution to this as it means you can maintain your tan all year round if you would like to.


Do Sunbeds Damage Your Skin?

Tanning can be harmful to your skin if you don’t follow all the guidance on how to tan safely; however, using a sunbed can be a safe way to help your skin develop a great all-over cover, as long as you follow all the instructions given. Failing to follow instructions and making excessive use of sunbeds can cause skin damage, including burnt skin and the development of brown spots.


What Affects How Long you Should Use a Sunbed for?

Everyone wants to know exactly how long you should spend using a sunbed to get the maximum tan with the minimum chance of burning or damaging the skin. Your skin type will largely dictate how long you should spend in a sunbed, so it's important to look into what skin type you have. How often you sunbathe or use sunbeds should also be factored in. When you choose a sunbed hire, you should pick a company that will offer you all the advice and guidance you need to tan safely without worry. For sunbed hire in Sheffield, Peak Sunbeds offer this.


What is the Optimum Time to Spend in a Sunbed?

The length of time you should use a sunbed for will range from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. Your skin type and how easily you tan should be considered, but it's important to understand that even if your skin can cope with a long tanning session, it is advisable to start with shorter sessions and build it up. In addition to building up the session length, it is also recommended that you do not exceed more than 60 sessions in one year. This is to ensure that your skin stays healthy and you can continue to top up your tan. Finding sunbed hire in Sheffield


Giving Your Skin a Break

Even the most hardcore sunbed fanatics know that they need to give their skin some downtime in between sessions. For those who want to keep their skin healthy (and who wouldn't, as it helps to maintain your tan for longer), making sure you have at least 48 hours between sessions is a must. If you use a sunbed more frequently than this, then you risk your skin being burnt or brown spots developing. This break allows your skin to rejuvenate and will actually make sure your tan stays for longer.

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