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Peak Sun Beds For Hire

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When the first summer sun shows up, everyone gets their swimsuits out and head to bask in the sun. Various scientific studies show that sunlight uplifts a person’s mood, has many physical advantages, and prevents serious illnesses.


However, one can not stay out in the sun anytime they want or control how much sun they absorb. Having that perfect bronze tan all year long is a dream of many people, regardless of gender. With the modernization of today’s world, sunless tanning technology proves to be a dream come true for many.


Like the Peak Sunbed devices, these indoor tanning machines have the same framework of advantages as the Sun but in a more controlled environment. The golden rule for sunless tanning is not to sunburn yourself, so an advantage starts posing a threat.


Keeping this in mind, the Peak Sunbeds are happy to be of service and provide you with different devices as per your liking.



 Vertical Sunbed

It consists of a body breeze unit with a wholly hinged door to make sure that it covers all areas and gives a full body tan.

This device consists of a total of 24 tubes.


  • Contains built-in EU regulation 0.3 compliant tubes ensuring safe tan.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Covers approximately 1 square meter and has a height of 73 inches.
  • Fitted with twin 10 minutes safety timer.
  • Full-length body breeze unit that is customer-controlled.
  • Two 13A plugs that connect to the main supply.


The double comes with a total of 18 tubes. It is built explicitly for people who like to tan in one go. This 18-tube double unit mixes the modern curves with different unique features to provide the customer with the ultimate experience of a tanning bed.


  • Fitted with EU regulation 0.3 compliant tubes to ensure safe tanning.
  • Covered top and bottom to encourage an even overall tan.
  • The unit comes with safety timers that comply with current rules and regulations.


The Canopy is cost-effective considering tanning bed prices; this over-bed folding tan bed is designed primarily for use at home. It comes with 9 tubes and gives exceptionally advanced performance and excellent tanning results.


  • Fitted with EU regulation 0.3 compliant tubes, it ensures a safe tan.
  • Comes with the fastest and safest tubes accessible.
  • A good option for people with confined areas.
  • Can be folded when not in use.
  • Requires to be used over the bed with the customer changing sides for an even tan.
  • Comes with an adjustable height stand.
  • Fitted ball-bearings allow it to move around the room.
  • The screen is acrylic and contains a cooling fan.
  • Installed with safety timers that obey present-day legislation.


Now one must be wondering, are tanning beds safe? They are only if you keep the usage in control. Anything that exceeds its limit seems to suppress the advantage.

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