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Sun bed tanning tips


Sun bed tanning tips


A drastic rise in the level of cold in countries that barely receive any sunny days has made a terrible impact on human health. Sunlight is the source of many health benefits and naturally acquired tan; however, natural tan is also a great challenge when the sun is at its peak, making skin more prone to sunburn. Put your worries at rest as Peak sun beds provide completely safe and convenient home hire tanning sun beds making your days joyful and relaxing. Not everyone is aware of using sun beds for a practical and soothing tanning experience. This blog will provide you with some helpful tips to make your tanning experience better.

  • Consult your doctor

One important thing to make your sun bed experience safe and joyful is to consult your physician if you take any medications, so you don’t have to face unexpected circumstances.


  • Prepare your skin and body:

First of all, you should know about your skin type. If your skin is sensitive and gets burned quickly, then you can check if tanning spray works well for you independently. Once you are sure about your skin type, prepare your skin and body by removing the dead skin cells through exfoliation. This way, the light will penetrate more effectively, providing you with a lovely tan and attractive appearance.


  • Hydration and moisturizing

To make your skin more adjustable and responsive to sun bed tanning, make sure to drink plenty of fluids before the process. Hydrated and moistened skin responds better to sun bed tanning than dry skin. Make sure to take this measure after tanning. This will make your tan last longer and better.


  • Remove any makeup and jewellery:

Before getting into a sun bed, the newbie must know that make sure you are not wearing makeup, jewellery, or perfumes as UV rays are very reactive in the presence of such elements and can result in a reaction.

  • Application of tanning accelerator

 If you wish to make your tan deeper and last longer than the application of a tanning accelerator will be beneficial. Using a high-quality, effective tanning accelerator makes your skin respond to tanning faster, giving you a quick, more profound and long-lasting tan.

  • Protecting eyes and lips

It is essential to cover your eyes with Goggle and lips with lip balm. As eyes and lips are susceptible to UV radiation, unprotected exposure can have unpleasant effects. Thus to prevent this from happening, take the precautionary measure, and if you want to enjoy tanning being nude, make sure to cover those areas that are not exposed in natural sunbath.

  • After tan precautions

After the tanning procedure has ended, melanin production will continue for some hours. Note that taking care of your skin is essential during this time.


Above mentioned are useful tips that will make your sun bed tanning experience with Peak sun beds more joyful and exciting. For more details and guidance feel free to contact our tanning experts.

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