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Tips And Tricks For The Sunbed Tanning Right Before Your Wedding

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The pre-wedding jitters can be a horrible feeling to face. It can be overwhelming for all brides and grooms who are losing their night's sleep fretting over the napkin sizes, food servings and looking their personal best on their happy day.

Before being married, a very popular trend is getting on a quality sunbed and achieving a glorious tan just before the wedding. Here are a few tricks to ensure that you get the beautiful tan that you dreamt of without making any mistakes.

Start With A Trial


If you are new to tanning skin or aren't sure which level of tan you need, DO NOT decide close to your wedding. It could be a recipe for disaster.

Go for a trial or test tan at least a month before your wedding. It helps you figure out whether it is the level of tan you prefer on your wedding day or if you need to go darker or lighter.

Moreover, if you develop any allergy or do not like the tan, you will have enough time to get rid of the tan and return to your normal self.

You only can try different ideas and be creative only when you have the margin for creativity.

Go For A Survey


If your friend is raving about a tanning salon with a great sunbed, DO NOT trust them blindly. Go for a survey. Check reviews.

You need to make sure that the sunbed you will use matches your requirements. Many people simply trust the word of their close ones and end up getting a tan that they do not want.

You cannot take that risk, especially before a grand day like your wedding.

Visit a sunbed shop, check their policy and tanning results, and then make an informed choice.

Follow Instructions To The Word


There are a lot of aftercare instructions once you have gotten a tan. Follow each instruction precisely. You may believe that instruction doesn't matter once the tan is on, but it does. If you don't follow it, there are chances that you may mess up your tan.


Put It To A White Test


The most important concern regarding the tanning of skin right before the wedding is if the bronzer will ruin the white dress. To make sure your tan is not leaving stains:

  1. Put on a white t-shirt.
  2. Roll around in it and wear it for a while.
  3. If you leave any marks of the bronzer on your t-shirt, contact the tanning expert from the tanning salon and express your concerns.




Peak Sunbeds offer the most quality service and sunbed for hire to all those brides and grooms looking for a touch-up before their happy day and to make sure that their marriage begins on a blissful note.

Contact them today to ensure that you are offered the best tanning service in town.

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